Exhibition and workshop at Secvente, Romania

Clubul de Turism si Arte Escamonde Ploiesti organizeaza, în perioada 5-7 septembrie 2014 si cu sprijinul Asociatiei pentru Promovarea si Dezvoltarea Turismului Prahova, cea dea doua editie a Festivalului de Fotografie Secvente.

Festivalul vrea sa demonstreze înca o data forta fotografiei în societatea actuala, prin promovarea imaginilor si ideilor unor artisti români si internationali din mediul fotografic contemporan.

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Featured on Worbz

My photos featured on Worbz, one of my favorite online galleries

Worbz offers a look at contemporary photography. An inspirational online gallery. A platform of expressions.
A showcase of revealing outstanding talents and trends.


Exhibition at VSLO, Romania

I was selected to take part in a group exhibition visual arts festival Oscar Lights Vama (Vama Sub Lumini de Oscar – VSLO) with my series “mystic portraits

I’ve always been fascinated by people. I like looking at them, studying their characteristics, their reaction, getting to know their stories. I believe each human being is unique, beautiful and unpredictable.
It usually happens to discover a face and ask myself “what is this person doing here, in our days?”. It seems like his/her face has a story that is from another time, and it seems like the modern days don’t fit right. Because every face has its story, I try to transmit, to encourage people through this series to never forget to dream and to try bringing out hidden parts that might make their lives even more beautiful. Live every second, minute, hour, day, year in harmony with them, as well as with everything from their surroundings.

The exhibition will be held on 25th of August 2014.


looking for models

I’m looking for models to shoot with!
If you’re available and interested in shooting, please send an email to cristinavenedict@gmail.com with the following! Read more…

Photo of the day Professional Photographer Uk

Today’s photo of the day, chosen from our online portfolio is Heartbeat by Cristina Venedict, model: Liliana Phạm

Editor’s Note: We really liked this shot because of the clever play with depth-of-field that the photographer has used. We like that the focus of the shot is on the model’s face and detailed clothing, we think this draws the viewer’s attention centrally which in turn creates a balanced image to look at. We also like the soft eye-contact the model has with the viewer.


love story

This series of photographs presents a love story that passes through different stages until it reaches to the stability and emotional maturity that we all crave for in a relationship. The battles that take place within us, the desire for possessiveness and freedom, doubts, anxiety, the thrills of love are all pieces that compose the unstable path of love. This series is surrounded by mystery. The uncertainty of a relationship will make you move forward and face the challenges that stand between you and your happiness. The hugs and kisses of your loved one will always open new horizons, they will bring to light a part of you, undiscovered until then …

Photography and Edit::: Cristina Venedict
Models::: Viviana SposubClaudiu Brinzei
Music::: byron – Tummo | byronmusic.ro

Love Story: A Photo Series That Examines The Mystery and Uncertainty of Love

love story on behance

Winner Of PX3, Prix de la Photographie Paris

I am happy to announce that I was awarded 2 Third (BRONZE) prizes and 2 Honourable Mention (HM) Professional Category in the Prix de la Photographie Paris (PX3) 2014 Competition

Cristina Venedict of Romania was Awarded: Third Prize in category Portraiture-Professional for the entry entitled, “both of us”; Third Prize in category Fine Art Professional  for the entry entitled, “my wishes”; Honorable Mention for the entry entitled, “my wishes”; Honorable Mention for the entry entitled, ” both of us”. The jury selected winners from thousands of photography entries from over 85 countries. Read more…

Frontpage and best of vogue.it

IRONic Feathers 1 selected by Alessia Glaviano, Photo Editor of Vogue Italia and L’Uomo Vogue

Designer : Laura Smarandache
Photo : Cristina Venedict
Model : Şteff Chelaru
Make-up : Ioana Cristea


Memory City book winner

Editor’s Note: We loved this shot because of the way the photographer has got half the shot in focus and the lower half is not. We think that this is really clever as its focused the viewer’s attention on the woman’s face and the story she is telling through her facial expression. We also love the grainy quality of the shot, stylizing it to the idea of film.


Photo of the day Professional Photographer Uk

Today’s photo of the day, chosen from our online portfolio is The Wind of Flowers by Cristina Venedict, model: Viviana Sposub, created with lens Helios 77 50/1.8  from The Bokeh Factory

Editor’s Note:  We really loved this shot because of the use of a fast shutter-speed and a short depth-of-field to create the white specs around the model; it adds interest to the image. We also love that the photographer has taken the photograph from above eye-level and how the model’s still got eye-contact with the camera, this draws the viewer in.