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A new lens in my camera bag

I’m so glad to write about a new lensbaby Obscura, which was launched yesterday.
An extremely creative lens that gave me the opportunity to create wonderful pictures.

The Lensbaby Obscura comes in two versions. A 50mm Pinhole/Zone Plate/Pinhole Sieve optic – for Optic Swap System and a standalone 16mm Pinhole/Zone Plate/Pinhole Sieve pancake lens for mirrorless cameras.

Lensbaby Obscura isn’t a lens, Obscura is an extraordinary experience crafted in the origins of photography.

Creativity is amplified by the pattern, the atmosphere created, the light, all the things that surround us, our inner state amplifies or inhibits our creativity.

Lensbaby Obscura envelopes the photographer and lens in an elegant dance between light and dark while bringing unique flare and image artifacts that aren’t possible to achieve in-camera with any standard camera lens.

Redefine photography as you know it with Lensbaby Obscura.

Thank you, Lensbaby for the oportunity to test such a lens.


Lensbaby Ambassador

I am excited to announce that I have been named a Lensbaby Ambassador. Most of you know of my love for these lenses – most of my work is taken with Lensbabies and I am passionate about using these lenses and sharing my knowledge with others.

I have a coupon code for 10% off Lensbaby products as an Ambassador for the company! ❤️
discount code wVenedict

Shop here: https://lensbaby.rfrl.co/1gve6

Lensbaby Trailblazer

Fall in love with Lensbaby. Proud to be a Lensbaby Trailblazer and a part of an amazing team

Trailblazers see things that others don’t. They take risks and challenge the status quo.

They’re people who aren’t afraid to bring their creative vision to life. Even if it’s considered a little “different”, “wacky” or “out there” by some. Leaders in their artistic vision, creativity, and expertise – we proudly recognise our Lensbaby Trailblazers!



Timeless Travel Photos | Lensbaby Creators

I’m so glad to write about a new lensbaby Trio 28

We’re all looking to create timeless yet distinctive photos from our travels. Something we can look back on and remember how it felt to be in a particular place at a particular time. Cristina Venedict used the 3-in-1 creative effects of Trio 28 to capture these breathtaking memories from a recent vacation with her son.

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Lensbaby Festival Photography

It is such an honour to me to see my recent interview featured in Lensbaby

” Cristina Venedict is an award-winning photographer from Romania. Much of her work focuses on fine art and environmental portraits, but she also enjoys shooting more candidly at various festivals around Europe. We spoke with her about the beautiful images she captured recently at the Samsara and Waha Festivals, with the Twist 60.”

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Lensbaby Makers – Cristina Venedict

I’m so happy and honored to be part of the Lensbaby Makers.

Lensbaby Makers is a series that looks into the world of influential Lensbaby shooters.


A new sweet in my camera bag

I’m so glad to write about a new lensbaby sweet 80, which was launched last month.
An extremely creative lens that gave me the opportunity to create wonderful pictures. Selective focus is my favorite way to make photos. Read more…

Fall in love with Lensbaby!

I was always amazed by dreamy images, or seen through a dream..
When I started with photography I wasn’t fully satisfied with the lenses that were on the market. I couldn’t create my dreamy images. Searching for new lenses, I stumbled upon Lensbaby. It was love at first sight! Read more…