Fall in love with Lensbaby!

I was always amazed by dreamy images, or seen through a dream..
When I started with photography I wasn’t fully satisfied with the lenses that were on the market. I couldn’t create my dreamy images. Searching for new lenses, I stumbled upon Lensbaby. It was love at first sight!
My first Lensbaby was Sweet 35, a wonderful tool. With it I shot a few photographs that are very dear to me. I liked how easy it was to use, the creativity of the focus and the softness of the image. Then I bought Edge 80. A lens as playful and creative as the first one.
Meanwhile I thought about the people that test the Lensbaby lenses and dreamed that I, too, one day will become a beta tester.
And if we dare to dream, our dreams become true!
I had the honor to test Velvet 85. A wonderful lens for portrait; used as well for portrait as for macro. It is the newest lens by Lensbaby.
A tool that shouldn’t miss from your portrait kit. Used in the studio, as well as outdoor, the lens amazes by the easiness of usage, even though it’s a manual lens.
Used from F1.8 to F16, the lens makes you fall in love with it even more!
Thank you, Lensbaby for the oportunity to test such a lens. It’s a favorite in my portrait kit!





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