Exhibition at VSLO, Romania

I was selected to take part in a group exhibition visual arts festival Oscar Lights Vama (Vama Sub Lumini de Oscar – VSLO) with my series “mystic portraits

I’ve always been fascinated by people. I like looking at them, studying their characteristics, their reaction, getting to know their stories. I believe each human being is unique, beautiful and unpredictable.
It usually happens to discover a face and ask myself “what is this person doing here, in our days?”. It seems like his/her face has a story that is from another time, and it seems like the modern days don’t fit right. Because every face has its story, I try to transmit, to encourage people through this series to never forget to dream and to try bringing out hidden parts that might make their lives even more beautiful. Live every second, minute, hour, day, year in harmony with them, as well as with everything from their surroundings.

The exhibition will be held on 25th of August 2014.




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