A Classically Styled Portrait

A beautiful image of a monk has been awarded ePHOTOzine’s Photo of the Week.

Editor’s Note: This image almost looks like a painting you’d find in a gallery. It’s like stepping back in time into a long forgotten era. The lighting used perfectly brings out all the textures and shapes on the faces, half – lighting them to create a sense of character and mystery. There is something intriguing about what the monk will do next in the image.

Leading lines have been used really well, to draw the eye along to the priest and then using the door to guide you further to the monk in the background. The muted colours add to the feel that the image is from a long time ago. There is is great atmosphere in the picture, added to by the overblown light streaming through the windows in the top right-hand corner.

This is a well thought out and precisely constructed image that speaks a thousand words.

ePHOTOzine’s Photo of the Week winners currently receive a 64GB Pro memory card from Samsung.




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