1st Place Portrait competition by BenQ

I am happy to announce that one of my photos won 1st Place Portrait competition by BenQ

model: Mădălina | make-up: Maria Asĺan | hair: Mihăiţă Aslan | Primo events | Prăvălia cu flori

Our true Colors Right Before You Portrait competition has come to an end and we’re happy to reveal the 1st prize winning image by Cristina Venedict ! ⁠⠀
Cristina Venedict will receive our newest Photographer monitor, the SW321C, with Paper Color Sync Technology to Simulate the Photo Print Effect on Screen!⁠⠀
Our lucky winner will also attend an exclusive workshop with BenQ Ambassador Frank Doorhof in the Netherlands. ⁠⠀

Judge @iamleonofficial : This is just wow. The color, the composition, the retouch, the model, the lighting: a true piece of art!⁠⠀

Judge @piotrpiatekcom : This photo is like an illustration of a book. I really like staged sessions, I like how the photographer watches over every detail, uses a good composition, precisely illuminates the scene. ⁠⠀

Judge Michael B. Rehders : Classic portrait shot in the style of old painters. Arrangement, coloring and props remind me of the paintings of old masters. Great!⁠⠀





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