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Photo of the day Professional Photographer Uk

Today’s photo of the day, chosen from our online portfolio is Paradise Lost by Cristina Venedict, model: Honceriu Georgiana , make up: Roxana AG Make Up

Editor’s Note: The muted colour palette juxtaposed with the vibrant orange lip of the model, create an aesthetically pleasing combination in this fashion image. We love Cristina’s use of depth of field to bring the model’s eyes and face into sharp focus, thus holding the gaze of the viewer.


Interview for Cultartes

Nicole,Cultartes: Hello, Cristina! When did your passion for photography first started?

Cristina Venedict: I began photographing in 2006 with a compact camera. I thought it was great to have a camera in my hands, you feel like a director who creates a film. Photography gives me the opportunity to dream and create images; it helps me to keep going. Read more…

Published in Shoot The Frame

The 2013/14 book has been released and my work has been published!

The book itself contains all finalists and winners from July 2013 to June 2014, for both Shoot The Face and Shoot The Land Awards. The book is exquisite.

Watch The Video 
Flick Through The Book


Photo of the day Professional Photographer Uk

Today’s photo of the day, chosen from our online portfolio is Wind of Dreams by Cristina Venedict, model: Popovici Theona

Editor’s Note:This image stood out to us because of the great use of a short depth-of-field and birds-eye view perspective to centre and focus the viewer’s attention of the model, creating a nice portrait shot. We love the eye-contact the model is giving the camera and the clarity of her features. We also love the styling of the overall shot and the location.



Published in Somerset Digital Studio

The image ‘my wishes’ published in Somerset Digital Studio. The Image appear in the Autumn 2014 issue of the magazine.

Somerset Digital Studio showcases some of the best digitally created artwork around, and these breathtaking samples of scrapbook pages, ATCs, and collages will have readers joining in this growing trend of creating digitally altered artwork in no time. Each of the 144 lush, full color pages found in every issue contain captivating feature articles, a full gallery of digital eye candy, a digital dictionary, software comparison chart, digital tutorial, and more.

Somerset Digital Studio Autumn 2014

Featured on Worbz

My photos featured on Worbz, one of my favorite online galleries

Worbz offers a look at contemporary photography. An inspirational online gallery. A platform of expressions.
A showcase of revealing outstanding talents and trends.


Photo of the day Professional Photographer Uk

Today’s photo of the day, chosen from our online portfolio is Heartbeat by Cristina Venedict, model: Liliana Phạm

Editor’s Note: We really liked this shot because of the clever play with depth-of-field that the photographer has used. We like that the focus of the shot is on the model’s face and detailed clothing, we think this draws the viewer’s attention centrally which in turn creates a balanced image to look at. We also like the soft eye-contact the model has with the viewer.


Frontpage and best of vogue.it

IRONic Feathers 1 selected by Alessia Glaviano, Photo Editor of Vogue Italia and L’Uomo Vogue

Designer : Laura Smarandache
Photo : Cristina Venedict
Model : Şteff Chelaru
Make-up : Ioana Cristea


Memory City book winner

Editor’s Note: We loved this shot because of the way the photographer has got half the shot in focus and the lower half is not. We think that this is really clever as its focused the viewer’s attention on the woman’s face and the story she is telling through her facial expression. We also love the grainy quality of the shot, stylizing it to the idea of film.


Photo of the day Professional Photographer Uk

Today’s photo of the day, chosen from our online portfolio is The Wind of Flowers by Cristina Venedict, model: Viviana Sposub, created with lens Helios 77 50/1.8  from The Bokeh Factory

Editor’s Note:  We really loved this shot because of the use of a fast shutter-speed and a short depth-of-field to create the white specs around the model; it adds interest to the image. We also love that the photographer has taken the photograph from above eye-level and how the model’s still got eye-contact with the camera, this draws the viewer in.